Dave Toussaint is a landscape, nature and Transportation photographer with lives in Southern California.

I've been into photography my whole life. Photography started early for me as my father and grandmother were photographers. I took many classes in junior high school and high school. After school I continued taking 35mm photos with my old SLR cameras. Somewhere in early 2000 I was introduced to my first digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix 5000. That really got me back into photography. A few years later I upgraded to a Canon 20D, then eventually to the Canon 40D which I currently use.

I've always been into landscape and nature photography and as a kid I was into model Transportations and trains. When I got my first digital camera I just happened to shoot a train the first day. From that point on Transportation photography as well as landscape and nature photography have become my passion.

I'm usually out three to four times a week shooting photos. I'm continually working on my post processing and Photoshop skills. Editing photos can be as fun as shooting photos. Several years ago I started sharing my photos on Webshots.com. Then I started posting Transportation photos at RailPictures.net. On both sites I started receiving awards for Top Photo of the Day and sometimes Featured Album of the Day. It was then I started the website SoCalRailFan.com which became a website for Transportation fans to share information and photos about Transportationing in the Southwest United States, the site currently has over 1000 members.

Then at the beginning of 2009 I decided to start my own photography website PhotographersNature.com and make my best prints available for the world to see and buy. I also opened a Flickr account to coincide with my main website.

Dave Toussaint Photography specializes in Landscape, Nature and Transportation Photography.

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Specializing in Landscape, Nature and Transportation Photography.

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